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9 February 2021

The brand Paulette et Sacha

Paulette & Sacha is a French Brand of sustainable furnitures, toys and other eco-design objects in wood for children and thoses who have remained so.

Présentation Paulette et Sacha

After many years travelling around the world as a project manager for the law firms she worked in, Rachel de Vannoise decided to start a new way of life in the countryside  in order to focus on her family. While caring and watching her children grow and learn, she needed to make from her passion, wood working, an amazing project : Paulette & Sacha. The purpose of this brand is to offer the best line of quality furnitures and toys, functional, beautiful, and most of all, manufactured in the rules of art from noble, sustainable and eco-design materials. This « savoir faire » is rooted from her childhood memories when she used to observed her father create small wooden furnitures in his workshop. Tradition, sustainability, aesthetic  and transmission : these are all the values she wishes to put at the service of design through her collection.

Paulette et Sacha Production

Fabrication photo 1Let’s now enter in the very heart of the workshop, it is there that our porducts are imagine and create. It is inspired by our favorite materials, raw beech wood, cardboard and textile that our products come to live. All our products are meticulousely handcrafted, making every part of our collection unique. Giving great importance to details and finishes you will find, for exemple, a colorful touch to our furnitures hardware, our hot stamping on every each wooden products and aesthetic in our cardboard packaging. From the conception to the shipping of your order, the products made for you will be haughtily treated.

Fabrication photo 2

We also really matters about respecting our planet, that is why we carrefully choose our materials according to theses trusted labels.

Labels Paulette et Sacha

Paulette et Sacha - Best-sellers

Simple and sweet lines for beautiful and innovating toys : voilà what’s make these products our best-sellers.

Best sellers Paulette et Sacha

Best sellers furniture - Paulette et Sacha

New products Paulette et Sacha

Comforter Dolls 100% organic in multicultural univers

Nouveautés Paulette et Sacha Poupées

Curtain tieback

Paulette et Sacha - curtain tieback

Doll’s House Hacienda

Nouveautés Paulette et Sacha Maison hacienda

Our assets Paulette et SachaPaulette et Sacha Assets

Paulette & Sacha is all of that ! A brand with human values which offers pretty fun and beautiful products for your children.

Nos atouts - shops

Our biggest succes ?
A network of resellers that was naturally formed around us by word of mouth or thanks to the trust of certain renowned stores or brand.
Our presence in less than 100 resellers in France and abroad, makes us an original selection that would surprise your customers.

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